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2002-04-28 - 3:53 a.m.

well tonight has been the coolest. to start...

I debated to go to the play. I ended up going just for the fun. But I had no idea what was to come later. The play was good saw some old friend(more to come). It was ok but there where some mistakes but that is ok!

After the play we go to perkins as usual. But tonight we did not stay. we all decided to go to walmart get food then go to jazmos and whatch a movie(alice in wonderland). and then movie is over so we start to go home but then (for the hell) we go out on a cruze. we end up going to the lake then we started talking about the story about the guy in the white robe(ask me later and I'll tell it to you) on the haystack. so we go by that and then we(Kristy lacer, sylvia and arlena ames, me and dave dennet) go down the road futher and turn around all the time scarring kristy. so dave remembers he has his cloak so we pull over to the side of the road and he waits for a car. He then walks out to the middle of the road and stands there.

mean while the last car (a red one) pulls over to the side of the embankment and we follow it but we pull over about a half a mile behind them turn off the lights and kreep up. we sit there then we started talking about scaring the people with in the car. so no one else will do it, so yours truly gets the cloak and summons the guts.

I jump over the side of the embankment and begin walking towards the car all the while scared as hell. then the moment arises I jump over the barrier and begin to walk away. Then sudenly I stop turn around walk up to the car kick it and not on the front window. I turn around slowly and start walking away. dave came and got me.

We then decided to play dare or dare. dave dares us to but ham prints on vallievue school. but that was voted down. Arlena gets this weird idea that I should take off my pants and putt me in a cart and walmart and push me into the door. Dave asks me what i say to that and my response is take me to walmart.

On the way down ustick arlena seens a cone. Every one likes cones. so we snag it and then another meanwhile I am stipping down getting ready for walmart. Then dave has the coolest idea to take a shit load of cones and block someones driveway. It was so funny so we do.

then my big moment arives! we still have some cones and a house sign in the car. so when we pull up to walmart dave gets the idea to put the house sign in one of the plants. but that was voted agianst for now! So we go out in to the depths of the parking lot. Im still in my buffish kinda. so we find a cart and I climb in. Sylvia is elected to push me. so we are off and the door nears. I hold on and she pushes me in as far as she could. I jump out of the cart with a shit load of people looking at me. I take off running and sylvia just walks. but I was on a rush. I think I flashed them with my wang Im not sure. so I hop in the car and go to pick up sylvia still walking.

on the way out we put the house sign nest to a tree and a cone on the pillers infront of the door.

Now we need something else to we go to shopko. and then I see a cart. Cart+car=fun!. so dave start pusshing it. I tell him to pull up side it and Ill hold on to it. so he does. and he speeds up and I cant hold on so i let it go and he stopps. I speeds away and hits the curb. so we do it agian this time (same cart) kristy and arlena are holding on to it. we speed up to 40 miles an hour behind shopko and then dave slams on the brakes and it gos crussing. It hits the curb and go flying over it and smashes to the ground. But unknowingly we there are people whatching us. so we get the fuck out of there. then we see two carts! I bet you can geuss what happens next! Thats right Race time! so I grab one and kristy and arlena grabs one and we are by the car wash then dave gets going to about fifty accross the parking lot and at the other sideabout 100 feet away from the curb we stop and let go. I had a blue one made of plastic. It hit the curb and came crashing down in a mess on plastic and metall. krist and arlena had an orange one. It was metall It hit the curb fliped up and landed in a near by bush. It one. Mean while again some one was whatching but this time they were not in a car they were walking by.

so as the night draws older. we elect to go to jack in the box. but with a twist. I have to In my boxers(ive been wearing them since.) get into the back of some ones car so I go for it but when we get there and there are cops so we vote against it. so we pull up get some food then some guys behind us see kristy and sylvia so they jump out and talk to them.

And that was the last adventure for the night has come to the end. It was a Fucking blast!



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